NorQuest College Commissionaires Recognized for Act of Compassion

September 25, 2019

Adapted from an article issued in the NorQuest College Intranet

Two Commissionaires from Northern Alberta division were recently presented with a Commissionaires Coin, awarded to those who go above and beyond in their duties. They were faced with a challenging situation while on duty at NorQuest College but managed to respond with understanding and kindness.

During an evening patrol of the NorQuest campus, a man was spotted at a nearby 7-11 wearing a Commissionaires parka. Commissionaires Aisha Ausman and Scott Taylor decided to investigate. At first, the man claimed he was a Commissionaire, but it soon became clear that his claims were false; he was homeless and had somehow acquired the jacket to stay warm on the streets. Instead of using a heavy hand, Aisha and Scott treated the man with respect and had a conversation. They discovered the man had other Commissionaires uniform items, and these too were recovered in a calm and peaceful manner.

“We wanted to make sure that nobody was impersonating a Commissionaire for the safety of the college and the community in general. Once we explained things to this gentleman, he was very cooperative. We showed respect, and he gave us respect in return. In the end, we gave him some money and hope it helped him in a small way,” explained Scott, who has worked at NorQuest for over 10 years.

Congratulations to Aisha and Scott! Their compassion is a great example of the values of fairness, inclusion, and understanding shared by both Commissionaires and NorQuest.