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Welcome to Commissionaires’ blog! As a leading security provider and Canada’s largest private sector employer of veterans, we’ll keep you up-to-date on security industry news, security tips and techniques, and profiles of our team members.

Commissionaire Profile - Ron Gosselin

May 21, 2014

RCMP veteran Ron Gosselin is one of the reasons Commissionaires exists. We know that the transition from military or police to civilian life isn’t easy. That’s why we feature people like Ron: to illustrate working at Commissionaires as a bridge into the civilian working world. Our purpose, our mandate is to provide ex-military, as well as former RCMP and police veterans with jobs that have the structure and camaraderie that they’re used to.

Commissionaires Helped First Air Manage Employee Criminal Record Checks and Fingerprinting in Record Time!

May 14, 2014

What do you do when you’re time strapped and you need criminal record checks for all of your employees - yesterday? First Air project manager Suzan Park MacLeod, called Commissionaires.

“When I learned that criminal record checks were needed and that it involved fingerprinting, I was concerned that we couldn’t get this done in time,” said Park MacLeod.

5 Reasons to Have Your Fingerprints Taken

February 3, 2014

At Commissionaires, we’re frequently asked why someone should have their fingerprints taken.   Here are the top reasons:

1. Employment
Many corporations and agencies require both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted.

2. Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permits, Visas and US Waivers
Anyone wishing to visit or work in other countries may be required to provide a criminal record check.

Commissionaires’ Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

December 30, 2013

Travelers ask us how they can keep their home safe while they’re away over the holidays. Burglars look for an easy target. Show them that you aren’t one by making it look like someone’s home. Use a timer for both indoor and outdoor lights, have someone shovel your driveway, and leave a radio on for noise. Avoid broadcasting that you’ll be away on Facebook; or other social media - burglars aren’t above looking you up online.

Commissionaires’ “Airport Santa” returns to Victoria International Airport

December 24, 2013

Every December, one of our Commissionaires at the Victoria International Airport provides a truly jolly form of security. You might catch a glimpse of Senior Security Supervisor Al Paterson in the Departures area. He might even be humming a song involving bells or a reindeer. Known as the “Airport Santa,” Paterson goes all out, sporting a full beard and red attire.